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Spirit of the desert

Flowing Southwest from its rugged mountain source, the Gila River gives rise to desert flowers and haunting lore alike. It’s no surprise that it shares its name with the brilliantly beaded and legendarily venomous Gila Monster.

Today, GILA is also a premium tequila reputed to have almost supernatural powers of its own. The story of GILA TEQUILA is as old as its namesake, the elusive lizard called Eemuukwee by Indians of Mexico. As beautiful as it is deadly, the Gila Monster is believed to have magical healing powers. No Shaman’s medicine basket was complete without a piece of the reptile’s tail.

No less fabled is the Mexican firewater known as tequila. The desert spirit is surrounded by stories, myths and legends, dating back to the Aztecs who first discovered the near hallucinogenic properties of the agave.

It was said that the juice of the agave had the ability to comfort the soul. From this magical plant, arose tequila.

Bringing together the magically curative properties of the lizard and fantastic powers of agave, GILA TEQUILA is truly today’s Spirit of the Desert.

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